Like every excellent essay, the argumentative essay needs an Introduction too. In a remarkable argumentative essay, you should begin the same way a good lawyer does in a trial. You should present with the issue in hand or the topics, on which you are writing the argumentative essay on, give background and then put forth the main argument. It all should be intellectual, persuasive and logical.

Start such that People become Interested in your Argument

Start your argumentative essay topics with a bang. You can start with a quote, or you can start with a personal story or a statistics which is surprising, or put forward an interesting question. This is an excellent strategy to grab the attention and interest of the reader in your introduction.

A background should be Included

Putting a background is like you are making your reader see in their imaginations the things you are mentioning in your essay. It creates a tremendous impact on the reader. It makes the readers understand the issue more closely.

Mention your Thesis

The thesis is the essence of the essay. It is what you have written in the argumentative essay.  Through the thesis, you will say what your argumentative essay is all about. It is the sum of the logic you have written into your argumentative essay so far. The thesis is written in such a way that it asserts on a definite issue, this is the issue on which the reader can argue against. So, remember that the thesis is not the fact.

What do you leave out in an Argumentative Essay?

Let’s start with the Introduction part. The introduction should not contain any arguments or the introduction part also should not provide any analysis which is being put in the body paragraphs of the essay. The introduction should only introduce, and it should set up the argument or point. Your introduction is the roadmap of your argument; you shouldn’t describe on the introduction what the rest of your essay describes. You should not mention in the introduction part that how you are going to argue or what you are going to argue in your essay. Your thesis part should also be reliable. It should be assertive such that it should say or state a fact or believe confidently and forcefully.

This is the best way you can write an argumentative essay successfully, and the readers will appreciate your arguments in it.