Dogs are amazing creatures and many of us enjoy their unrestricted affection and their antics. In fact, dogs are the only other animal outside of ourselves that can read and respond to human body language without any training. But if we’re to make our dogs the happiest they can be, sometimes it’s necessary to have them trained by professionals.

Why Train Your Dog?

Dogs are great at being able to totally integrate with a family and become beloved. It’s what makes them such great pets for many people. In fact, studies have been done which show that people with anxiety, depression, and loneliness can benefit greatly from having a dog.

The problem is that many dog owners don’t set enough rules and boundaries for their furry friends. They simply let them do whatever they want. Part of this is that many people tend to treat dogs just like other people, but this is a mistake. By nature, dogs need strong rules and boundaries. Their psychology is different than ours and they respect and need a hierarchy of authority in order to be at their healthiest and happiest.

One challenge that many dog owners face is that their dogs think they are at the top of the chain of authority in the household. In all cases, this is because the dog has not had strong rules and boundaries set for it. The dog simply takes over and displays behaviour that can be problematic, including but not limited to the following:

  • Territorial behaviour that includes becoming aggressive with people who come too close to their “owned’ humans
  • Marking in the house, such as urinating and defecating
  • Humping behaviour to display dominance

The good news is that a professional dog training company in Sydney can help with these kinds of issues and help create a happier dog in your household.

What Will Training Do?

Many dog boarding companies actually offer obedience training for dogs as well. In fact, many such places also offer parrot boarding in Sydney as well as boarding for other animals.

When you have your dog obedience-trained, they are taught that there are boundaries to their behaviour. Contrary to what many people believe, dogs will actually respond positively to this because their psychology demands these kinds of rules. When they are allowed to run amok without rules, they engage in problematic behaviour. Obedience training curbs this behaviour and the dog becomes happier and healthier as a result.

Whether your dog is becoming dominant or over-territorial or is ripping up your home, professionally run obedience training can help you sort out these issues. This will then lead to both your dog and you as a dog owner being happier and experiencing greater levels of harmony.