At first glance, a cat might seem like she does not care about you or anything else in this world, but the reality is much different. Many people think that cats do not care about their owners or other pets as much as dogs, but this article will change your mind. You should call a Hornsby vet hospital like Gordon Vet Hospital if you have any issues with your cat or other furry friends

Just like humans, cats tend to show their affection in a different way, and the list below will show some of the usual ways that cats show their affection. Now your kitty might just show her affection with few of these, while the overly attached cats will do all of the mentioned.

Cats love to play and draw your attention

  1. Cat purrs

This should have been fairly obvious, but while cats do purr in a variety of situations, they also purr to show that they are satisfied with you. However, if your cat purrs way too often when she is not even ion your close presence, she might be expressing her concern for something, and you should take her to a vet. When your cat purrs loudly in your lap, that means she loves you very much and she is happy.

  1. Rolling around

Usually, kitties do this, but some grown up cats do it as well. If your cat rolls around on her back when you are petting her or when she is looking at you, that means that she is happy and she is greeting you while also fishing for attention. This is a very vulnerable position for a cat, which also shows her trust towards you.

  1. Head bumps

You might think that when a cat bumps you with her head or body, means that she is hungry, that is not true. Cats do this when they are asking you for food, but they also do this to express their love. If a head bumps you with their head they are leaving their scented signature, which is why a friendly Ku Ring Gai vet like Gordon Vet Hospital advices that you should give them the best cat care.

  1. Cat kneading

You might have seen this in cartoons shown in a very funny way, but when a cat kneads you in your lap that is just another show of affection. The kneading behavior starts from when they are small with their mother and when an adult cat continues with this behavior that means that she is a very relaxed, loved and a content cat who trusts her owner very much.

  1. Gifting

Have you ever woken up with a dead mouse or bird on your bed or front door? Well, your cat has brought that especially for you and that just shows how much she loves you. Cats share their bounty, be it an animal or a toy, with somebody they love.

Cats will always find a way to sleep beside you

  1. Sleeping

When a cat sleeps, she is the most vulnerable, especially if they sleep on their back. So, if your cat often sleeps on her back, that means that she feels very safe with you. If your cat falls asleep in your lap, that means that your cat truly trusts and loves you.

Final word

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that our cat does not love us, and people tend to think that only because cats do not show it in a way that our dogs do. But, nevertheless, cats still have their own way of showing that they love us, and we should respect that.