When universities don’t meet their quota for enrolled students, they turn to the Clearing process, which helps them fill the vacancies, and this in turn gives students who weren’t able to attend their chosen universities a chance to continue their education. Any student that has made a UCAS undergraduate application but doesn’t have any offers is eligible to enter the Clearing process and get into some courses that interest them.

Clearing matches thousands of students every year to universities of their choice, and since there are many reasons why a class might still be available, the opportunities are unpredictable.

While there are many resources out there to help you apply for Clearing and find classes, it’s mostly up to you to do the searching and get the spots that you want. This means that the more prepared you are and the quicker you act, the better your experience might be.

When Does Clearing Start?

Clearing fully begins when results start coming out, so the first day of Clearing will be on Thursday 15th August 2019. You will be able to start contacting universities that you are interested in, and in some cases, you might be able to set up a direct contact situation where universities can actually contact you.

If you don’t apply through UCAS or you apply after 30th June, you will automatically be entered into Clearing. Once you are in, you will get a Clearing number, and you can start contacting universities. For Uni Clearing 2019, it helps to get all the assistance you can so that you don’t miss out on opportunities.

How to Prepare for Clearing 2019

If you suspect that you will be a part of the Clearing process this year, you can start preparing early. You might start by making a list of the courses and universities that you would be interested in attending and contacting once Clearing begins. While not all of your interests will be viable options, you will at least have a starting point.

There are also plenty of online resources that can advise you on Clearing and help you make the right decision. Many of these online resources will also be able to tell you which universities are looking to fill positions, and you can quickly get the contact information to make the call. You can browse Clearing by university, and you can even browse by course, which enables you to start calling the places that best satisfy your needs and interests.

With expert advice and insight, you don’t need to go in blind. Rather, you can make informed decisions that support your goals.

Explore New Opportunities

Clearing also gives you the opportunity to explore new opportunities. With Clearing, you may not get into the exact colleges you were looking for, but you may stumble upon something that you hadn’t considered before, and all you have to do is contact the university to talk things over. Once you start getting offers, you can add a Clearing choice to your track and start getting prepared for the future.